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    These are some of the dances done in the Greater Seattle Line Dance area. We've enjoyed all these dances in the Northwest over the years. As in most areas, some dances haven't been done in ages, but now and then we may take them out, dust them off and dance them again. Related to that, we may lose interest in the current popular ones and not do them for a long time.  Others are perennial favorites and danced regularly. If there are many dances done to the same song, the name of the dance is usually listed, not the name of the song.




    24 Reasons

    50 Ways


    A Complete Change

    A Kind of Love

    A Little Blurred

    A Little Square

    A West Coast Thang


    A Deedely Dum

    A Waltz in Time

    Adonde Voy

    Against All Odds

    Ain't Misbehavin'

    All Good

    All I Am is You

    All Over Again

    Along for the Ride


    American Kids

    Am I?

    All About That Bass/Shake That Bass

    All Over Again

    Alley Cat

    And Get It On

    Andrew's ChaCha

    Angel In Blue Jeans

    Angel of the Night

    Ange and Corona

    Anniversary Waltz

    Any Dream Will Do

    Any Man of Mine

    Askin' Questions

    Back on Texas Time

    Bad Girl That Girl


    Bang Bang

    Beautiful Day

    Bicycle Waltz

    Beautiful Boy

    Baby Belle

    Baby Doll Waltz

    Baby Stand By Me

    Baby, You've Got What It Takes


    Barking Up the Wrong Tree

    Be My Life's Companion

    Belle of Liverpool

    Beneath It All

    Besame Mucho

    Big Bang Boogie

    Blackpool By the Sea

    Blue Ain't Your Color

    Better When I'm Dancing

    Beyond the Sea

    Big Blue Tree

    Billy B Bad

    Black Coffee

    Black Horse


    Blue Night Cha

    Blue Note

    Blue Ain't Your Color


    The Bomp

    Bonaparte's Retreat

    Bobbi With an I


    The Bomp

    Boot Scootin' Boogie

    Bosa Nova

    Boy Girl Thing

    Boys Round Here Stomp

    Broken Stones

    Bruno's Way

    Bubba Shot the Jukebox



    Cake By the Ocean


    Calypso Mexico

    Can't Walk Away

    Cathy's Waltz

    Celtic Duo

    Cha Cha Lengua

    Chaka Chaka

    Champagne Promise

    Cherry Bomb

    Chasing Down a Good Time

    Chicken Truck

    Clancy's Waltz

    Cliche Love Son

    C'mon DJ



    Coca Cola in Hollywood

    Colors of the Wind

    Come Dance with Me

    Country as Can Be

    Country Stars

    Cowboy Casanova

    Cowboy Rhythm

    Cracklin' Rosie

    Crash and Burn

    Crazy Ol' Charleston

    Crocodile Roll

    Crazy Foot Mambo

    Crooked Jack


    Cry, Cry, Cry


    Cumbia Semana

    Cupid Shuffle



    Dame Mas

    Dance with Wolves

    Dancin' With You

    Dancing in the Dark

    Dancing in the Street

    Dance on the Weekend

    Dear Future Husband



    Dive Right In



    Dreams of Martina

    Disappearing Bubbles

    Do a Little Life

    Don't Look Good Naked

    Do It

    Done Running

    Down the the HonkyTonk

    Down on Your Uppers

    Dream Lover

    Drinking Problem

    Doing the Walk

    Don't Be Cruel

    Duck Soup

    Dream Lover

    East to West

    East to West 17

    El Chako


    Empty Pockets

    Empty Space



    Everybody's Groovin'

    Eyes For You

    Ex's and Oh's

    EZ Shuffle

    EZ Tango Cha

    Faithful Soul

    The Fighter



    Fly Like a Bird

    Flying 8

    Foot Play It Down

    Foxy Girl

    Foxy Lady

    Frankie Fever

    French Girl Shuffle

    Forever Only Yours

    Friday at the Dance

    Get Wild

    Get it Right

    Get Down the Fiddle

    Ghost Train

    Girl Crush

    Girl Next Door

    Good as You

    Go Cat Go

    Going Ape

    Good Girl (A Little Blurred)

    Good Lookin'

    Good Morning

    Good Time

    Good Time Girls

    Gone West


    Grafiti Baby

    Groovy Love

    Gypsy Queen

    Happy, Happy Happy

    Half Past Nothing

    Half Past Tipsy

    Hat Trick

    Hasta Manan

    Havin' a Ball

    Hawaiian Hustle

    Happy, Happy, Happy

    Hear, Body and Soul

    Heaven in My Woman's Eyes

    Hello Dolly

    Hey Girl

    Hey Good Lookin'

    Hey Mama

    Hide the Wine

    Hidalgo Boogie

    H.O.L.Y. High on Loving You

    His Only Need

    High Cotton

    Hillbilly Bones

    Hippy Dippy Mambo

    Hit the Road Jack

    Hole in a Bottle

    Homeward Bound


    Honky Tonk

    Honky Tonk Boots

    Hurts Like a ChaCha

    I Believe

    I Close My Eyes

    If Only

    I'm Free

    I'm Alive

    I Am a Good Girl

    I Like Beer

    I Knew a Girl

    I Love a Rainy Night

    In the Basement

    I'll Come Running

    I'm Telling You Now

    Imelda's Way

    Irish Stew


    Island Time


    Is it Friday Yet

    Islands in the Stream


    Jailhouse Creole

    Jazzie Joe

    Jiggle It a Little

    Joey on the Fiddle

    Jose Cuervo

    Just Another Woman

    Just a Phase

    K Step Boogie

    K is for Kicks

    Keep It Simple

    Key Lime Pie

    Kiss Me Honeey Honey

    Key Laro

    Knee Deep

    Knockin' Boots


    Lay Low

    Lady in Red

    La Fiesta Cubana


    Lennerockers Stroll

    Let it Bay Be

    Let's Chill

    Little Rhumba

    Little Yellow Blanket

    Lipstick Tango

    Live Too Fast

    Lonely Girl

    Lonely Girls

    Lonely Drum

    Looking Out for Angels

    Love Letter Waltz

    Louisiana Kick

    Love JoAnn

    Love Remains

    Love's a Game

    Maybe Tomorrow

    Mad Crazy Love

    The Magic is There

    Magic Moon

    Make My Day

    Make No Promises

    Make You Mine

    Mamma Maria

    Mama Mia

    Madysen's Waltz

    The Majestic

    Mandolins in the Moonlight

    Mango Juice

    Martini Time

    Meat and Potato Man

    Memory Lane

    Men in Black

    Mexican Pepper Doll

    Midnight Waltz

    Midnight Walk

    Mix it With Rum


    Mony, Mony

    Monday Morning

    Mr. In-between

    Mr. Mom (Whatta Mom)

    Mr. So & So

    Mr. Teardrop

    Ms. Jody's Thing

    Mucara Walk

    Music to My Eyes

    My Maria

    My Church

    My Mother My Teacher My Fried

    My New Life


    Nance Mukkigan


    Not Gonna Cry

    No Vacancy

    Oh Me Oh My Oh

    Old and Grey

    Old Flame

    Old School Bop

    Old Hippie

    Old Flames

    Old Time Rock and Roll

    On The Straight and Narrow

    Once Up on a December

    One Call Away

    One Small Shot

    One Hundred

    One Step at a Time

    Only Dreamers

    Ooh Ahh

    Oops & Opps Baby

    Other Side of the Track


    Peaches and Cream

    People Are Crazy

    Penny Arcade



    Pick Me Up On Your Way Down

    Pink Hearts

    Picnic Polka



    Por Ti Sere

    Prairie Strut

    Pull You Through

    Put on Your Dancin' Shoes

    Quarter After One

    Queen of my Heart

    Que Sera


    Remember You Young

    Rhythm of the Falling Rain

    Riverbank Stomp

    Riding the Waves

    River of Love



    Rockin Good Way

    Rolling Rhythm

    Run Me Like a River

    Salt and Lime

    Samba (Iko Iko)

    San Antonio Stroll

    S.B.S. Shuffle Boogie Soul

    Scotch Mist

    Second Chance Waltz

    Second Time Around

    Sea Legs

    Secrets We Keep

    Secret Waltz


    Send Her My Love

    Senorita Sway

    Senorita LaLaLa


    Shake it Off

    Shake Rumble Quake

    Shake That Bass

    Shooting Stars


    Shot of Tequila

    Should Be Loved

    Shotgun Jenny

    Show Me More

    Shy Waltz

    Simply the Best


    Simple as Can Be

    Skinny Genes

    Ski Bumpus

    Slap Leather

    Sleeping Child

    Slidin' Home

    S.G.S. Sloywy Gently Softly

    Smarter Women

    So Just Dance, Dance, Dance

    Soldier Boy


    Soul Shake

    Speak to the Sky

    Speak to a Girl

    Side Step Two Step

    Something in The Water

    Spring Breakdown

    Stealing the Best


    Storybook Ending

    Strip It Down

    Stroll Along Cha Cha

    Stomp Down


    Summer Celeration

    Sun and Sea ChaCha

    Summer Fly

    Sun Daze

    Sunshine in the Rain

    Sweet Sweet Smile

    Seet Caroline

    Swingin' Thing

    Take Me to the River

    Take These Chains

    Taking Care of You

    Tango With Me Darling

    Tango With the Sheriff

    Teach Me to Dance


    Tell the World

    Ten Thousand More

    Tennessee Waltz Surprise

    Texas Surprise

    Tequila Boom Boom

    Thank You

    This and That

    Those Were The Days

    Through It All

    Throw Away the Key

    Ticket to the Blues

    Tinhorn Swing

    To All the Girls

    To the Moon and Back


    Tongue Tied Up

    Too Much


    True Believer

    Tush Push

    Two of a Kind

    Until the Dawn

    Under the Moon of Love

    Under the Sun

    Uno Dos Tres

    Vanotek Cha

    Voodoo Jive

    Wagon Wheel Rock

    Walk the Plank

    Walking in the Rain

    Wake Me Up

    Watch Me Now

    Watermelon Crawl

    Waltz Across Texas

    Waltzing in Love

    Wandering Hearts

    Wave On Wave

    The Waiting Game

    Wee Jimmy



    When You Smile

    When I Need You

    Whiskey Bridges

    White Summer Dress

    Who's Your Papa

    Wild Wild West

    Woman Trouble (Tequila)

    Wow Tokyo

    Write My Number on Your Hand


    Yes Sir, That's My Baby


    Zhang Sheng Xian Qi


    Due to the Corona virus contagion,

    all line dance classes and sessions

    will likely be on hiatus

    until the government recalls their recommendations

    against group gatherings.

    Please confirm that a class is active

    before attending.